The Field Trip is a free podcast that takes science out of the lab and into the world. We are currently on hiatus as we work on new book projects, but you can listen to older episodes for free on this site!
Monthly archive January, 2012

Casey’s favorite field trip: Penguin scandal at the San Francisco Zoo

Summer, 2009 Until just a few days before I arrived, the San Francisco Zoo had been the proud home of a committed, monogamous pair of male penguins named Harry and Pepper. They’d moved in to a burrow together a year or so before, and incubated and fussed over first a wooden egg, then a real...

Kara’s favorite field trip: Ghost hunting

So we were in the women's bathroom on a World War II naval carrier, looking for ghosts, and for a minute there it looked like we had one cornered.

Eric’s favorite field trip: Elk bugling

Sometimes you’re tootling along on your way to some great and wonderful adventure and the road opens before you and (to quote the poet Browning) the lark is on the wing and the snail’s on the thorn and you think, not so badly done, life. Not bad at all.
Happy New Year! An update from your Field Trip friends...

Happy New Year! An update from your Field Trip friends…

Happy 2012, Field Trip Podcast friends! We're back from our holiday break, we have wiped the sleep out of our eyes and gotten the crumbs out of our hair, and we're back to work on Series 2.
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