Happy 2012, Field Trip Podcast friends!

We’re back from our holiday break, we have wiped the sleep out of our eyes and gotten the crumbs out of our hair, and we’re back to work on Series 2. That’ll be on its way to you in early spring — more details coming soon, but we promise to make the second series bigger, badder and field trippier than ever.

In the meantime, stay tuned here for some more stories from us. Over the next week, Eric, Casey and I are going to share some stories about our favorite field trips that we’ve taken for some other reporting gigs. We’ve been to some really weird places in the name of science, so we’re all having a hard time narrowing it down to our best trips of all, but whatever we pick, the stories should be … strange. (I personally think it’s always a sign of a promising reporting excursion if they make you wear a hair net. Safety goggles are pretty exciting, too, but when you get into hair net territory you know it’s about to get insanely messy or insanely clean. Either way, it’s some serious science.)

And in very exciting news for us, we just noticed that The Field Trip Podcast made it into the “new and notable” list for iTunes science podcasts. (That screencap up there is how the front of the iTunes science section looked Wednesday night. Look, we’re next to the BBC and NASA!) Thanks to everyone who has rated or reviewed us on iTunes. If you haven’t yet, we hope you’ll stop by and share your thoughts — your reviews will help get the word out to fans of affable science nerdery worldwide.¬†You can check it out (and subscribe free) on iTunes here.

We’re also very excited to have been featured twice on the Mother Jones website. They shared our Ocean¬†and Fermentation episodes on their Blue Marble science blog — thanks MoJo friends for the kind write-ups!

And finally, if you’d like to share a picture of how you listen to the podcast, please pass it along to info [at] fieldtrippodcast [dot] com. We’d love to see how you field trip, and whether or not it involves a hair net.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful launch in 2011, and here’s to 2012!