In this episode, we investigate the awesome power of caffeine in an attempt to learn what it is about coffee that we love so much, and what happens when you drink way too much of it.

We start our amateur experiment in coffee science by meeting up with Phil Broughton, Herr Direktor of Funranium Labs, the Oakland-based company behind Black Blood of the Earth, the most extreme coffee on the planet. Phil estimates that Black Blood, a highly concentrated form of cold brewed coffee, is a whopping 40 times more caffeinated than your average cup of Joe, and suggests that for your safety, you ingest no more than 100 milliliters per day.

We’re not that interested in safety, so we told Phil to bring a batch of his finest brews over and get ready to dose us.

You’ll just have to listen to see how that went.

Then we headed off to Ritual Roasters in San Francisco, where we learned about everything that happens to the bean before Phil and other less extreme home brewers get to it, including the science behind their very carefully regulated roasting process and the dramatic taste test it must pass before it’s sent your way.

You can stream the podcast, or click to download, on the player below. Run time: 26:15.

A new adventure will be coming your way next Monday!

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