A few weeks ago, the good folks from the How To Do Everything podcast tackled the how-to of making your own flavored gin, and on their Twitter feed, they promised this:

Two words: Taco gin.

Well, when confronted with taco gin, there is only one thing to do: Make a churro tonic.

We came up with an improvised recipe on the spot, but it had a flaw. It used ground cinnamon, which doesn’t dissolve well in drinks, and instead becomes a sort of murky sea monster bilge on the bottom of the glass midway through the drinking experience.

So we’ve refined the recipe, incorporating the cinnamon into a sort of churro tonic syrup. Here’s how we did it.

Warning: We are not food bloggers, so food glamour shots and actual ingestability of churro tonic may be suspect (although we think it tastes sort of nice). Caveat emptor, etc.

OK, assemble these things:

You’ll need:

A half cup of brown sugar

A cup of regular water

A cinnamon stick

A half teaspoon of vanilla

Your tonic/fizzy water of choice

A lime for garnish if you are fancy

Boil the regular water, then add the half cup of brown sugar. Do not under any circumstances focus or white balance your camera for this shot. Everything should look blue and fuzzy.

Whisk the sugar until completely dissolved.

Turn the heat off and let your cinnamon stick steep until the syrup reaches desired level of cinnamoninity. This will depend on how fresh your cinnamon is and how much you like cinnamon. Give it, say, 10 minutes at least.

Remove cinnamon stick and discard. Or keep it to use as a garnish. Or, you know, whatever.

Move the syrup to a jar for cooling and add the half teaspoon of vanilla.

Put the syrup in the fridge to cool until you’re ready to use it. We have no idea how long this syrup will last in the fridge. Probably not forever.

When ready to serve, add a finger or two of the syrup to a glass of ice garnished with a slice of lime.

Add tonic/fizzy water to taste.


Listen here for the results of the How To Do Everything guys’ taco gin taste test, featuring the hilarious Peter Sagal of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.¬†How To Do Everything is still soliciting reader recipes for other gin flavors; you can check in on them here.

Readers, if you try churro tonic (or invent your own gin flavor) let us know what you think!