This week, Field Trip Correspondent Lo Benichou take us behind the scenes at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California, where wounded seals, sea lions and sea elephants are nursed back to health with the help of dedicated surgeons, volunteers and medicine tablets hidden inside of fish guts. Tune in for a surprising look at what’s threatening the Pacific Coast’s sea mammals (hint: it’s not just sharks) plus a very special debate in which we pit the very idea of nature being red in tooth and claw (Eric) against the entire concept of medicine (Kara) and the fact that sea lions are just plain cute. It’s the Field Trip battle we always knew was coming: fish vs. pinniped!

About this week’s special Field Trip Correspondent:

Lauren (Lo) Benichou is a young and ambitious reporter. She fell in love with sounds and storytelling when interning with NPR in DC. She is currently working part-time at KQED and interning with The Kitchen Sisters.

You can follow her on Twitter at: @LoBenichou

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