The Field Trip is a free podcast that takes science out of the lab and into the world. Our third series will launch on October 1, 2012, with a new episode coming to you every Monday through early November. Stay tuned!

We produce the Field Trip as a free public educational service, so we don’t charge anyone to listen or subscribe, and we do not accept advertising. You can listen or download episodes for free on this site. We also make them available to public radio stations at no charge through the Public Radio Exchange. You can also subscribe for free on iTunes. Follow us for updates on Twitter or on Facebook.

The Field Trip Podcast is produced in the Field Trip Secret Bunker in California’s Bay Area. Special thanks to composer Andrew Sutherland for our theme music, illustrator Mike Smith for our graphics, Jeremy Rue for tech help and constant bacon-saving, to Jim Richards and Megan MolteniĀ for audio engineering support, and to the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism for awesomeness in everything.

Thank you for listening!