The Field Trip Podcast is run by a small but daring crew of science reporters and radio enthusiasts.

Eric Simons is the host and correspondent who really likes fish.

Eric Simons is the editorial director at Bay Nature magazine. A travel, nature and science writer, he has written two books: Darwin Slept Here, a history-adventure-travel-biography narrative of Charles Darwin’s four years in South America, and The Secret Lives of Sports Fans, a thrilling psychological investigation into the curious inner workings of sports fans.
He has also, he claims, caught fish on three continents and visited them underwater on five.

Kara Platoni is the host and correspondent who really likes outer space.

A longtime science reporter for alt-weekly papers and magazines, and an instructor at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, her heart has really always belonged to radio. (Hi, KSPC!)

Her favorite reporting adventures have involved the world’s fattest plane, ghost-hunting on a naval carrier, becoming a virtual reality test subject, and that one time when someone loaned her the key to an observatory at night.

At UC Berkeley, she teaches classes focusing on hyperlocal coverage and innovative storytelling, and edits the news site Oakland North.

Casey Miner is our omniscient producer.

In the name of public radio, Casey Miner has rented her car out to total strangers, conducted a predawn interview with the Bay Area’s lone kayak commuter, and offered up her mic to militia members, mad scientists, and heartbroken penguins.

She is currently a producer at KALW in San Francisco.